Marlborough provides an integrated portfolio of transformational services that helps private equity firms and venture capitalists address the strategic challenges, operational dysfunction, and capitalization issues in their portfolio companies.

We also work with these firms to evaluate marginal investment opportunities and identify sale or merger opportunities. We use a proprietary methodology and a proven set of analytics, diagnostics, and development tools that help companies get up, get going, and get better.

Our partners are entrepreneurs who have founded companies, raised or managed hundreds of millions of dollars of capital in seed, growth, and mezzanine financings, had successful IPOs, and managed M&A processes from both the buy and sell sides.

Marlborough Insights

Is TikTok a knock-knock joke? The current kerfuffle shines a light on some important security issues.

The bailout of Silicon Valley Bank says something interesting about strategy. Was SVB too focused to fail?

Venture capital and bank financing are hard to find. It is time for the great hunker down.

It’s Sunday night and one of your portfolio companies is in trouble. Do you need theory or practice? 

At some stage, every company reaches an inflection point. To move forward it is important to act boldly. 

Many management teams align sales and marketing more often than their automobile tires. How do you find real alignment? 

Vision is a nice start, but without the right people and tools it is just an illusion. What is the right place to begin?