We provide a series of packaged and custom services that address key inflection points in your business. We typically work with private equity firms to improve the operating performance of the small to mid-size companies in their portfolios and with venture capitalists on their Series A and later round investments.

Inflections points can take many forms. They include: strategy resets, go-to-market and customer success issues, failed product launches, operating model challenges, capitalization issues, executive management concerns, and compliance among others,


We deliver a series of business assessment services to benchmark your company against competitors. We identify what’s working and deliver an actionable plan to fix what’s not. Most of our clients have reached an inflection point in their business. Our services focus on getting through it successfully.

Business Assessment

This service dissects the business across a dozen domains ranging from high level Market Opportunity, Value Proposition and Exit Strategy through various detailed operating analyses including Product Strategy, Go-to-Market, Distribution Channels, Financial Plan and Capital Requirements. We analyze Current State versus Desired State across each domain and make detailed recommendations for achieving objectives.


Our partners have raised dozens of rounds of venture financing and private equity investments across multiple companies. We develop and fine-tune our client’s strategy, value proposition, business plan, and corporate materials. We also identify the most appropriate list of potential investors and arrange introductions. 


We focus on implementing or fixing critical processes across strategy, product planning, sales and marketing, and operational finance.

Business Alignment

In the normal course of business, companies sometimes go astray. Getting costs and revenue into alignment can be a wrenching experience.  We deliver an unbiased and workable plan that will get the company back on track.

Customer Insight

While many companies are focused on scouring big data sets to gain insights into their business, others recognize that their clients and prospects represent a tremendous source for actionable insights. We provide a portfolio of customer insight services to deliver an actionable understanding of your customer interactions.

Technology Reengineering

Many of our clients are technology companies and every customer relies on software to automate their business. Our technical team consists of CTO and senior IT executives who have solved many issues in technology strategy, major software releases, scaling, and infrastructure refreshes.


Marlborough provides full-time or part time CXO resources to lead your company to the next level. We also assist your organization in raising capital and identifying complementary products and services.

Interim Leadership

Regardless of their stage of growth, companies often experience a gap in corporate leadership. While the company begins the often-lengthy process of replacing members of the executive management team, we can provide interim leadership for CXO roles. 


We help you prepare for a liquidity event by tuning key operating metrics and uncovering strategic opportunities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Many Marlborough clients undertake a merger or acquisition to expand their product line, available market, geographic coverage, or growth rate. We advise clients on potential partners, and develop a set of targets.